Grennell's Road Safety 5k



About the 5K

The Grennell's 5K are a series of road safety "walk, run and roll" events, which are primarily aimed at bringing awareness to the importance of road safety, keeping healthy & fit and a reminder of how fatal and tragic vehicular crash can be.

The Grennell's 5K will be hosted on November 16, 2019 beginning at the Grennell's Driving School, Mona, Kingston. Because the event is geared at bringing a level of awareness to people who have suffered as a result of personal injuries, as well as, to those who have lost loved ones through fatal vehicular crashs, Grennell's Driving School is resolute in making the 5K a family event. Road fatalities affect everyone- whether directly or indirectly through the expenses in government agencies and the resources used in hospitals. The emotional scars are difficult to cope with, and the emergency care is limited.

For this reason, a fraction of the proceeds from the 2019 5K will be donated to Percy Junor Hospital which has worked diligently over the years to attend to road crash victims, despite limited resources.

Indeed, our 5K is more than just a run around the block; it is more than just mourning the life lost tragically in a traffic crash; it is more than just about remembering the sad loss of loved one. Grennell's 5K is also a preventative initiative to bring awareness, enhance learning to operate equipment more carefully, and promote preventative measures for all road users- pedestrians and drivers, as well as, various ages and abilities. After all, no one is immune from traffic crashs, and the impacts of these incidences are costly, extensive, lasting and regretful. Consequently, all are invited to participate in our 5K-

The 2019 Grennell's 5K for Road Safety will be hosted under the theme "Run, Walk or Roll for the cause".

Let's play our part in supporting this worthy endeavor.


I want to make a donation

To donate through your bank, for example using the online or telephone banking service, you will need the following information and to fill in the form below:
Account name: Grennells Driver Safety Training & Services Ltd
Account number: 371072519
Bank: National Commerical Bank
Branch: Liguanea (Matilda's Corner)


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